The concept of digital display marketing is gradually shifting away from flashy graphics and noisy messaging, and more towards contextually appropriate customer experiences. Bombarding a prospective client’s headspace, which is something we mostly do isn’t going to win you any likes, but by thinking creatively, utilizing existing information, and using Digital Signage to market, educate or entertain, you may have a massive impact with your awareness creation and marketing efforts.
Unfortunately, not many people know about digital signage or even that they can utilize it for their product/service marketing and awareness creation. Digital signage is a gem in display marketing that is under exploited.

Why you direly need to incorporate Digital Signage in your marketing

Appealing and Attention Grabbing Displays:

Figure 2Digital Signage Content Display.

It provides the best visual representation of a company or its products. Digital signage content is fun to witness, and easily captures the attention of any viewer and makes you not easy to forget. Capture their mind, and you’ll open the door to their heart!

Unlimited Flexible and Contextual Content Marketing:

Figure 3: Diverse Digital Signage Content, image Credits: Vippng

With digital signage you are not limited to just one content at a time, it gives you room to display much more content, as of often as you’d like and for different contexts without extra advertising cost. Show me which marketing agency will do new content advertising for you for FREE!


Digital signage might just give word of mouth a run for its money when it comes to cost effectiveness. Once you acquire the platform, you can do as many marketing campaigns without having to pay a fortune for it. Moreover, it takes away the cost of having to frequently advertise with marketing agencies.

Increases Client’s Impulse Buying Rates

With the aesthetics and appeal that come with digital signage campaigns, your target audience is highly likely to be moved to buy your product even if they hadn’t planned to buy it. I know I have once bought a dress that looked so stunning on a digital signage screen I had to get it.

Improves In-Store Purchase Experience for Your Clients and Generates More Sales.

Let me give you a very good example for this. Timberland, a fashion label, adopted virtual reality technology in 2014 to solve a frustrating aspect of the in-store experience: the fitting room. Fitting so many clothes or shoes to find the ones that best go together and you love the most on you can be the most tedious experience of shopping.
Timberland therefore constructed a virtual fitting room on an 80-inch display screen using digital technology, providing an online wardrobe inventory for clients to browse through and try on stuff without having to be at the fitting room, and it worked extremely well.
Below is the link to the video.

From this we learn that- to make your marketing efforts successful, you first should understand your target audience’s problem areas and thereafter design a solution that addresses the issue. This is where digital signage takes the crown. If a marketing campaign has a practical application – in this case, an interactive digital signage display – it is effective.
Digital signage is not limited to just retail businesses, it can be used for a number of different purposes for instance, Digital Forex Boards for the finance industry, Digital Menu Boards for the hospitality industry, not forgetting Digital Notice Boards for the education and corporate institutions. We will delve more on this in our next blog post, stay tuned.
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