HD Video Distribution

Inspired by leading brands in the Video industry, our products are designed to deliver seamless integration within the automated home or workspace.
Our chosen products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 30 years of experience. Research highlighted the market’s need for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry-leading performance and most importantly reliability.

This has resulted in us developing a range of HDBaseT, Video over IP and HDMI solutions that deliver seamless AV integration within any installation environment.

The reliability of our products coupled with the standard of service we deliver to our installers has struck a chord within the AV industry. Our HDBaseT matrix solutions in particular have proven themselves market-leading in terms of both performance and value for money. 

These features enhance the user experience by delivering both a seamless setup and easily control over your mobile devices. Our primary objective is always to be pioneers of new technology, engineering solutions that provide the ultimate backbone of any multi-room AV system.

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