Hotels and Hospitality Sector

In today’s hospitality world, business and leisure travelers are demanding more services from their hotel hosts.

This is forcing the hospitality industry to evaluate their resources and discover additional ways of accommodating, entertaining, and retain their guests.

And one way of doing so is implementing cutting-edge Audio/Visual solutions so as to enhance the experience for their guests. This is why at AVCS, we have come up with tailored AV solutions for the Hotel and Hospitality industry. These integrated solutions offer entertainment, communications, and security systems ideal for all sorts of Hotels, from pop-in restaurants to the ultimate 5 stars.

IP TV Solution

State-of-the-art IPTV that allows hotels to offer high-quality on-demand, live, and time-shifted TV entertainment to their customers.

Digital Signage

Specialized Digital Displays to be used by hotels to display multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes.

Meeting/Boardrooms Solutions and Video and Audi Conferencing.

We design every sized meeting and conference rooms suitable for every customer in the hotels. 

Background music and evacuation solutions.

We provide designs, install and maintain your integrated Background Music and EVAC systems. Our specialty is in providing custom build BGM solutions for the hospitality industry. Our team has expertise audio distribution technologies and is able to design and deploy either solutions effectively to cover your premises

HD Video Distribution.

Simplify your channels distribution at home and your commercial installations using our specially designed TV distribution head-end for your budget worth. Our TV distribution employs the latest technology with common interface.

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