Piped music, Announcement & Evacuation systems

Audio Visual Control Systems designs and intergrates piped music - a light popular music prerecorded and played in shops, restaurant, factory, etc, as background music. 

Whether you are a retail store, bar, pub, restaurant or school, AVCS can specify your background audio system to meet your requirements. Whatever the application, sound quality, sound coverage and volume should be of the highest standards.

Piped Music

AVCS provides background music and audio systems from design to installation to maintenance. We offer a complete solution and our background audio systems deliver exactly what you need to enhance the customer experience.

We have been installing back ground music systems for over 25 years, into national retailers, hospitality chains, and independents.

We work with the leading brands in the Belgium - UK including AUDAC and WORK in order to design the perfect solution for your business’ needs.

We have audio experts with the resources, expertise and experience to deliver a bespoke background music system that delivers for your business or organisation. 

Announcement & Evacuation systems

Voice evacuation systems have developed into one of the most important areas in the domain of security technology. 

AVCS assists its clients in creating evacuation systems of any complexity capable of showing information on various displays and TV screens, as well as remotely opening doors and additional emergency exits.

  • We create an individual design depending on the number of people working in the building, stairs and elevator layout, number of floors and other building features;
  • We assist in selecting equipment best suited for the facility in question;
  • We advice on the best announcement recordings, light strips, message boards and fire escape signs;
  • We help in designing the system so as to prevent panic, crowding in corridors and passes and keep people from entering dangerous areas.

Piped Music Video

Our Services

At AVCS we are fully committed at providing services that offer optimal satisfaction to our clients.

  • Delivering professional-wise training,
  • Supporting/Maintaining, and Warranting.

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