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About AVCS

Audio Visual Control Systems (AVCS) Limited is recognized as the Kenya’s leading designer, supplier and integrator of Audio/Visual, Broadcast and Post Production Systems and Technology.
AVCS Ltd. provides Technical Consultation, Design, IT integration, Digital Home automation service, IP Surveillance solutions and support of all audio visual system solutions for Executive boardrooms, Video conferencing facilities, Training rooms, corporate auditoriums, Legislative/Council chambers, Control centers, public display environments and any other Hi Tech solution.
Our Mission
To provide customer focused solutions and technological tools that meets needs in an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, and superior customer service. Our designs always attempt to combine maximum functionality with exceptional ease of use.
Our Promise
We promise our customers QUALITY products backed by EXPERIENCED workmanship. We take pride in committing to the needs and demands of our clients. To this end we actively seek to understand our client needs; to supply products of superior quality with an ease-of-use not found with our competitors’ offering, and to provide the best possible service.
Our Values
Everything we do is done with the spirit of benefiting others, no matter whether others are our customers, our customer’s customers, our co-workers or ourselves. We first consider the impact our decisions have on others before we act hence having a stronghold of selfishness to all.
Our Culture
We do understand the meaning of unlimited ability of learning, growing, and adapting new ways of doing things, both as an organization and as individuals. Beyond this, we actively seek out opportunities that contribute to greater learning.


As a provider of audio visual, security, and home automation solutions we have made a commitment to honesty and integrity. We understand that our products have an impact on the lives of others, and we do totally strive endlessly to make sure our contribution to society is a positive one and effective too.

Spirit of excellence

To become the leading company providing security solution in the global market, we must pursue perfection and excellence in research and development, manufacturing, and service.

Meet Customers needs

As AVCS, our perception have been driven by the idea of addressing every need and demand of our customers. We listen to our customers, and react quickly and thoroughly to meet their demands. We also work hard to anticipate the needs of our clients, and where possible address their needs before they realize these needs exist.


Our Services

At AVCS we are fully committed at providing services that offer optimal satisfaction to our clients.

  • Delivering professional-wise training,
  • Supporting/Maintaining, and Warranting.

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