Digital Signage

We understand that communication and interaction with stakeholders is vital every business, that is why we provide outstanding, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Digital Signage solutions designed to provide the best way of passing information in terms of Multimedia Content.

Eye-grabbing informational displays require a lot more than just stunning screens. A combination of IT Infrastructure, integration and content creation is what makes your displays pop out.

AVCS is your number one source for your digital signage solutions. Whether you need for a single store or a networked system that span the whole of Kenya, we can oversee the entire project, from initial design to final certification,

A Digital Signage is a specialized way of displaying or broadcasting Multimedia content on a network of displays ranging from small screens to digital billboards, for informational or advertising purposes.

We offer two lines of Digital Signage Solutions:
Indoor Digital Signage – Durable displays with integrated PCs and optional multi-touch functions, ideal for daily operations in shopping malls, financial institutions, schools, restaurant, hospitals, etc

Outdoor Digital Signage – Equipped with necessary options for all-weather outdoor use, capable of resisting even the harshest environments.

Video Distribution

Inspired by leading brands in Video industry, our products are designed to deliver seamless integration within the automated home or workspace.

The products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 30 years experience. Research highlighted the market need for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry-leading performance and most importantly reliability.

This has resulted in us developing a range of HDBaseT, Video over IP and HDMI solutions that deliver seamless AV integration within any installation environment.

As an official HDBaseT™ adopter and alliance member, Blustream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through integration of the latest pioneering chipsets our engineers have developed the world’s most innovative range of AV distribution products.

The reliability of our products coupled with the standard of service we deliver to our installers has struck a chord within the AV industry. Our HDBaseT matrix solutions in particular have proven themselves market leading in terms of both performance and value for money. Our next generation V2 matrix solutions now offer an unrivalled feature set, delivering pre-amp line level volume control, HDCP 2.2, Web GUI and app control.

These features enhance the user experience by delivering both a seamless set up and then easy control integration during installation. Our primary objective at Blustream is always to be pioneers of new technology, engineering solutions that provide the ultimate backbone of any multi room AV system.

Video Collaboration

Our suite of Cloud Video conferencing solutions combines Audio, video, and Cloud features for a truly interactive meeting experience.

A Video/Audio conference is a live Audio or Audio-Visual meeting among two or more participants, powered by telecommunication technology that is more sophisticated than a simple two-way phone connection.

Teleconference Uses: Limitless: Board meetings, Business meetings and conferences, training sessions, business presentations, interviews, conferences, business and education presentations, and many more.

Cloud-based Video Conferencing

Forget about the cost and inconvenience of business travel. Hold live interactive meetings through Cloud Video conferencing and improve your organization’s efficiency and most importantly, bottom line.

Our suite of Cloud Video conferencing solutions combines Audio, video and Cloud features for a truly interactive meeting experience. You can incorporate streaming audio and video, PowerPoint slides, web tours, polling, whiteboards, text slides and more. You can even record your presentations for future use.

Our Cloud-based Video Conferencing solution works everywhere you work—and it works like you do! Use it on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, in any meeting room, meet with anyone you want to, at any given time

Video Conferencing

Just by use of Video Conferencing, multiple locations can be merged and be bridged together and looks as if people are communicating face to face and in a real mode situation without the inconvenience or expense of travel and time wasting.

We design, integrate and maintain professional end-to-end Video Conference solutions that support crystal-clear High Definition (HD) video and audio connection.

AVCS is specialized and fully certified to integrate, maintain, and support video conferencing equipment from leading suppliers, i.e. Lifesize, Polycom, etc.