Financial institutions like banks are the most crucial and sensitive sector to handle and needs much more attention in terms of speeding up information for decision-making processes, monitor market changes instantaneously, and improve client service.

Video conferencing helps banks move closer to the goal of stability. It supports bankers in their pursuit of quick decision-making, rapid responses to the markets and meeting the requirements of changing policies and regulations. And let’s not forget that all-important need to raise customer service levels.

Video Collaboration technology is particularly useful for investment banks that need to exchange real-time information about market shares, currencies and other time-sensitive information with colleagues around the world.

We provide Video Conferencing solutions to the financial services sector and beyond.


AVCS fully understands well the urgent need for implementation of Audio/Visual solutions in our education sector, both in Kenya and East Africa at large. For that reason, in collaboration with Lifesize, E-Instruction, and Panasonic, AVCS provides AV technology that is simple to use and easy to understand from both the initial level, which is Primary Education, all the way to University level.

Imagine Audio/Visual solutions that can convert a simple interior classroom into a global learning facility that can be accessed by anyone, no matter where they are, and at any given time, via internet.

This kind of technology enables the students, both at your institutions and all around the world to share, collaborate and most importantly form a network that can enable them impact knowledge to each other. In addition it enables institutions to set up virtual classrooms where by teachers or lecturers can give a lecturer to multiple campuses at once.

Classroom Video Conferencing

Whether you are looking for an All-in-One display solution or an Interactive Whiteboard, AVCS has you covered.

These are not just displays and boards. They have been built for the ultimate classroom experience, combining full-screen multi-touch capabilities with inbuilt learning applications to provide an innovative way of learning and teaching. Making education more effective and enjoyable.