Stronger Together: We’re Now A Proud Partner Of Meyer Sound

Stronger Together: We’re Now A Proud Partner Of Meyer Sound

We are proud to announce that Audio Visual Control Systems Ltd. is now an official partner/distributor of Meyer Sound products. AVCS has recently been named Meyer Sound distributor in East and Central Africa. This status enables us to offer advanced and premium services and solutions for small and mid-sized business clients..

Meyer Sound has been known as a leading innovator in performance audio products. The list of industry firsts includes trapezoidal cabinets, dedicated loudspeaker processors, self-powered loudspeakers, source independent measurement, parabolic long-throw transducers, cardioid subwoofers, the REM manifold, Internet-enabled acoustical prediction, and more.

Through Meyer Sound partnership, we are able to provide area business with various Meyer Sound products and services. We are proud to be Meyer Sound partner and offer companies the best possible services and products to reach business goals faster. Thanks to the industry-leading solutions at our portfolio and high-level Systems Interrogators in our team, we are able to build Meyer Sound products to meet the needs of every business.

Ajax Security

Ajax Security System

Wireless security system for ultimate protection

Our security system, Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles.

Built by combining previously non-existent technology with functional design, while using the best components available. This uncompromising approach made it possible to create a user-friendly security system that has proved its reliability to top professionals.

The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Switch on appliances before you get home. Get instant notifications through SwiftAlerts, a protocol that even modern messengers should envy.

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