Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Theatre Lighting Essay Sample

Light is at the core of the actor’s environment. Owing to technological development, this light can be manipulated in a creative way. When this light is systematically used, it can support the actors but if it is used crudely, it leaves the actor cruelly exposed.

The design involves the process of changing the mental images and putting them into practice. AVCS lighting designers have learned this concept and know-how to represent the visual images with words referring to period, history, art and style because it is an important part of the communication process.

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Our auditorium solutions comprise of state-of-the-art DLP projection systems and rear projection screens and/or large format displays with repeater screens, HD video conferencing or telepresence systems and interactive digital signage with tailored content to inform and guide.

Professional presentation audio systems that include PA, surround sound, induction loops, transcription, recording, voice reinforcement, speaker and microphone zoning and distribution systems, both fixed and wireless, are also key to a perfect presentation.

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Personalized attention for all Home Cinema projects.

At AVCS it’s more than completing installations. We strive to give you the knowledge you need to choose the right AV solution for you. We are always happy to answer questions, thoroughly explain systems, and share all of our knowledge

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Until recently, the best way to watch a movie was to go to a movie theater. The introduction of VCRs made it easy to rent or buy movies and watch them at home, but TVs just didn’t compare to movie theaters’ huge screens and surround-sound systems. Not only did TVs have comparatively tiny screens and lower-quality speakers, formatting a movie to fit the screen got rid of a substantial part of the picture.

Now, more and more people are turning their ordinary TV rooms into home theaters. This used to involve a projector and a screen, and it was too expensive for most people to afford. But advances in technology have given people more choices for home theater setups, and some people find that a home theater is quieter and more convenient than a movie theater — and the picture and sound are great.

If you’re looking for a home theater system, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. In this article, we’ll go over all the components that make up a home theater system. You’ll learn what each component does and what to keep in mind when you make your selection. If you’re thinking of turning your den into a fully functioning home theater, this article will help you get started.

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It’s not all about AV, cabling, and technology – we are passionate about the completion of our projects. Carpentry, plastering, and painting are key components to ensuring we meet and surpass every customer’s expectations.

You have a room and want a Home Cinema or Media Room in your house or company and control your AV and Smart Home with ONE remote control/APP please feel free to contact us.