Home Audio

Home Audio

Perfect multi-room audio solution for your home

With our Home Audio Solution, you can pick and choose from our line of music servers and matrix amplifiers to create the perfect multi-room audio solution for customers, whether it is an entry-level system, a value-based system, or a high-performance system.

Our Music Servers provide up to 16 streams of pre-amplified, line level, high definition audio.  These streams are typically fed to a matrix amplifier, which amplifies and distributes the music streams throughout the home.

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Commercial Audio System

Commercial Audio system

Set the tone for your Business

Need a sound system to play background music or make announcements in a restaurant, school, warehouse, or other institutional building? We have a solution for you.

With a wealth of product knowledge and many years of experience supplying and installing commercial sound systems, we believe we have the expertise to advise you on all aspects of your sound distribution.

In addition to the types of music, the quality of your sound system is equally important. That’s why it’s vital to look for a high-quality, easy-to-use audio system.

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Audio

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Audio System


All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Seamlessly integrate audio into any room with our innovative Lithe Audio Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker. Designed to enable high-quality audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device, this ceiling speaker combines amplifier, receivers and audio in a single, compact and easy to install unit.

What better way to impress your guests than our high quality ceiling-mounted audio systems? Our discreet speakers boast high quality 65Hz-20kHz audio, and are perfect for all spaces. With bathroom models also available for all the shower singers out there, guests will be singing your praises.

WiFi All-In-One IP44 Multi-Room Bathroom Ceiling Speaker

Our All-in-one IP44 Wireless Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speakers combine an Amplifier, WiFi Receiver, and a High-Quality Speaker to offer you the ideal All-in-one Solution for your bathroom. Multi-Room stream to up to 30 master speakers using the Lithe Audio app (available on iOS and Android). Access your Spotify library, stream from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner all within the app for multi-room audio.


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